Donald Cerrone heading back to Lightweight and will fight less often

Donald Cerrone heading back to Lightweight and will fight less often

Donald Cerrone is making some changes. Heading to Lightweight and not fighting so much.

Donald Cerrone is among the most likable people in the sport. He’s always kind of had the devil may care attitude about fighting, well, about everything. He has and will continue to march to the beat of his own drummer. He lives his life how he sees fit and doesn’t apologize or make excuses for anything. It’s that style that has made him one of the most popular fighters on the planet. It’s also been a reason his career might have hit a bit of a skid.

Donald moved up to Welterweight and immediately made a splash. He won his first four at 170, all by finish and was immediately looked at as a major contender. However, three straight losses have him slid all the way to number 9 in the rankings. He took pretty big damage in those fights as well. The bottom line seems to be, Donald is better suited for the lightweight division. So, that’s where he’s headed.

Cerrone recently appeared on Brendan Schaub’s podcast, The Fighter, and the Kid and spoke about some changes he was making in his career. He’s also doing a bit more acting now which is something he also wants to pursue. He said he plans to fight for five more years, but not at Welterweight. When asked about leaving fighting for acting here’s what he had to say.

“It’s my love. I love, love, love it. I love doing it, so why should I just throw it away? I’m going back to 55…going to 55. It was (a hard cut) but I am only 175 now, I mean I wake up at 175. So I’m fine. I’m more focused, at 170 I can just not train and fuck off. I put more into it at 55. I probably won’t take 20 a year (fights) anymore, we’ll take it down some.”

Brendan Schaub added, “Really you can do just like 1 a year and keep doing movies. I mean, you can just do super-fights.” 

Donald answered with, “Sure. What else is new? I hate talking about fighting.”

They spoke a bit about how Cerrone doesn’t know who some fighters are. For instance, he didn’t know who Darren Till was when he accepted the fight.

“It wasn’t any disrespect to him, I just didn’t know him. I have a very clear understanding of who Darren f*cking Till is now.” 

It was a good interview. They talked about movies, some fighting, and much more. You can see the entire interview here.