Donald Cerrone opens up on his split with Jackson/Winkeljohn

Donald Cerrone opens up on his split with Jackson/Winkeljohn

Donald Cerrone isn’t a happy camper, and as always, he’s not afraid to talk about it.

I guess we should have seen this coming, right? Donald Cerrone left Jackson/Winkeljohn in Albuquerque and today on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, he opened up with his discontent for the team and spelled out why he left. As you might have guessed, Cowboy pulled zero punches.

You could say that this whole thing got turned up a notch when Mike Perry said that Donald asked the coaches to not train Perry, and show Cerrone the respect of not allowing Perry to enter the gym. Mike Perry said in short that Donald left because “Nobody was kissing his ass.”  Perry stated that it was wrong for Cerrone to make those requests of a team that he hadn’t done much for quite a while. Today, Cerrone had his voice heard.  Transcript via (MMA Fighting).

“I went to talk to Greg and Wink and say, ‘Hey, this guy’s brand new to the gym. He’s only been here one camp, a couple of months. I don’t think that it’s okay for him to come in and call me out. That’s not right. So if he is doing that, I don’t think we should allow him to train here for this fight. Then f*cking Winkeljohn tells me, ‘I thought you called him out’, he’s just a sh-t-ass and lies to your face, so to me he was like, ‘Sure, no problem, we’ll clear it up and we won’t have any issues.’”

However, when it was time to sort things out, Cowboy Cerrone felt betrayed by the gym, who seemed to side with Perry.

“With Greg, his name is on that building. It’s Jackson-Wink. Jackson-f*cking-Wink! When it came time to pick the decision and they said, ‘We want to go with Perry.’ Why the f*ck didn’t you stand — because Greg’s still with me — he’s like, ‘I’ll just come to the ranch and we’ll sort this out.’ And I’m like, ‘What the f*ck are you talking about?’ You tell me I can’t come into the Jackson-Wink gym, but you’re going to backdoor and come into my f*cking house and we’re going to train to fight while Perry’s there at the gym. You see everything he does and then you’re going to come and you’re going to train me, not to mention you’re holding classes there and — you might not be training him to beat me, but there’s a lot of people there that have trained with me for f*cking years.”

Donald says things really changed over the years. Back in the day, it was a gym, where pros trained and iron sharpened iron. He said when Winkeljohn came aboard, things changed, and not for the better.

“When Winkeljohn merged over, all the big pros left, it turned into a puppy mill. Back when Greg had it, and it was its own school, you couldn’t turn up to a pro class. Some guy couldn’t just come here, knock on your door, and the next thing you know he has shin pads on and he’s sparring. Literally at the new gym, bums come in off the street, I swear to God and will come in and put stuff on and fight. That’s a true story. Random bums off the street. That would never happen back in the day.”

It will certainly be an interesting night when Donald Cerrone and Mike Perry meet in the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 139 on November 10th, in Denver.