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UFC to donate one million dollars to those affected by Vegas shooting

Dana White is digging deep into his UFC pockets and will donate a million dollars to support those affected by the Las Vegas shooting. The incident has literally hit home with White, as he resides there and holds most UFC shows there. The UFC President spoke to TMZ and issued his and the UFC’s intentions.

“This is my city. This is my town. I grew up here and I raised my family here. All of my friends live here. This is where my business is.

What we’re going to do is, we’re going to donate a million dollars to the families and the people who are affected by this. You know, it’s still too early so we’ll see what pops up over the next week. We’re going to cut that money up and donate to a bunch of different things that have to do with the tragedy. Or, we’ll just give the whole million in one lump sum to the (charity) that everybody else is donating to.”

Dana is usually pretty clutch when aiding to right a wrong. Time and money both help immensely during these kinds of intense difficulty. White’s donation will hopefully find it’s way through the proper channels and aid the people who really need it.

Thank you, Dana White and the UFC.