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Joe Duffy keeps it realistic, but respectful, about Conor vs Khabib

In just 38 seconds, eight years ago, Joe Duffy made the mistake of being Irish and choking out Conor McGregor. Now, until the end of time, every question that he is asked will be about Conor McGregor. I’m sure that Duffy is used to it by now, so when he answers Conor questions he is respectful but realistic.

When asked by TMZ how they think McGregor would fare in a battle against Khabib Nurmagomedov, Duffy had this to say:

“I’d be surprised if it happened. That is my first initial thought. Obviously, it’s a big risk for Conor, that fight. I don’t see Conor stopping Khabib’s takedowns. If Conor was going to take a fight, it’d be something he can gain from where he has nothing to lose.”

In other words, he feels Conor will only take fights where he has something to gain, like a title in another division. Fighting Khabib is a ‘no-win’ situation for Conor because he could lose his title and credibility as a lightweight champion. If Conor fought Woodley at 170 for a title, it’s a win-win for him.

Joe Duffy knows this MMA game.