Hirota nearly collapses on the scale *Updated*

Hirota nearly collapses on the scale *Updated*

What is it going to take before we stop expecting these fighters to cut so much weight?

** Updated **

The UFC has pulled Hirota from the event as a result of his nearly passing out on the scale, and concern for his overall health. It’s a difinite step in the right direction. Hats off to the UFC for making a great decision to protect their fighters.


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It seems like we’re constantly dealing with an issue of a fighter pulling out of a fight being sick before weigh-ins. Fighters are literally killing themselves to make weight. We’ve seen videos of fighters in various stages of dehydration and exhaustion. Cris Cyborg has documented her struggles, as have Miesha Tate and many others.  Enough is enough.

Today Mizuto Hirota stepped on the scale and came in 5 pounds over his 145-pound limit. Worse than that, he nearly collapsed on the scale and needed assistance to exit the area. I just don’t see how he should be allowed to fight some 24 hours later. The toll on his body was obviously too steep, and he’ll enter the cage tomorrow recovering from that. It’s not enough to simply rehydrate when you put your body through that.

People have been talking about cutting weight, and California has been proactive in helping improve the situation.  More regulating bodies need to follow California’s lead and try and get a handle on this situation before we lose one of these fighters to a bad weight cut. Watch the video below and make your decision on whether or not Hirota should be competing tomorrow.