Brazil’s ‘Mr Cage’ features a man vs a transgender woman in an MMA fight

Brazil’s ‘Mr Cage’ features a man vs a transgender woman in an MMA fight

The Brazilian promotion, Mr cage, happens today and it features a fight between a man vs a transgender woman. Railson Paixao will do battle with Anne Veriato at strawweight.

Unlike Fallon Fox, Veriato wants to fight men and not women. This alone will take a lot of pressure off of her going into the fight. Recently we saw trans high school wrestler, Mack Beggs, win his second state championship in a row. Beggs has received a lot of heat because he takes testosterone and he is wrestling girls.

The Anna situation is totally different because she will fight men and only men.

Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting originally got the scoop from the promoter of Mr Cage, Samir Nadaf.

“This [fighter] is a phenom in jiu-jitsu, and you look at [her], it’s a woman,” Nadaf told MMA Fighting. “They asked me for an opportunity. My answer was ‘I can give you an opportunity, but at Mr. Cage, men fight men, it doesn’t matter if you have a penis or not. If you were born a man, you’ll fight a man.’ [She] said ‘that’s exactly what I want.’”

”It’s only fair to fight men,” Veriato said. “It never crossed my mind to fight a woman because I think I’m too good. If I beat men my entire career, I can still beat them despite the hormone process. I only know that I’m good after I beat men. That’s what makes me happy and hungrier to train. I don’t think it’s fair to fight women.”

”It’s completely different,” she said. “Since we do hormonal therapy to become more feminine, the male hormone starts to disappear and don’t come back anymore after a while. I didn’t have the same strength in the gym after that, so that’s why I train so hard to be strong enough to fight men. I feel the difference in strength, and that’s why I work hard.”

Veriato is actually putting herself at a disadvantage by fighting men. That alone makes me want to see her succeed.

For more information about her fight go to Mr Cage’s Facebook