In case you forgot.. The best heavyweight of all time, Fedor Emelianenko, is fighting soon.

In case you forgot.. The best heavyweight of all time, Fedor Emelianenko, is fighting soon.

It is 3 weeks away from seeing the greatest heavyweight of all time, fight again. For us old school’ers, seeing Fedor Emelianenko step through MMA ropes is always a treat. Before Fedor became Dana White’s obsession and ultimately, his Great White Buffalo, he was considered to be the greatest mixed martial artist in the world. Before any of your favorite fighters knew what MMA even was, Fedor was beating the best heavyweights that got put in front of him.

BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, and Georges St Pierre were arguably the top fighters in the UFC at the same time. The media had an obsession with who the greatest fighter was.

‘Who is the best in the world?’ was today’s, ‘Who wins? Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?’

Penn, Silva, and GSP all said Fedor Emelianenko was the best fighter on Earth. That is a heck of an endorsement.

Sadly, age catches up with us all. Fedor’s fighting style was 100 miles an hour and straight ahead. He was killing everyone for over 30 fights in a row and then what felt like over night, he was old. He couldn’t take the punishment that he took and continue to be conscious. Fedor could not just jump into a world class guard and expect to not get submitted. He got older and the fight game evolved.

If you are a true fan of anything, you root for your favorite team or fighter no matter what. Here’s an example: I am a San Diego Los Angeles Chargers fan and want to punch myself in the face every Sunday. Why? Because that’s what fans do. They stick with their teams or fighters, no matter what.

This is how Fedor fans are. It doesn’t matter that he lost 3 fights in a row. It doesn’t matter that he retired and unretired. Him being 40 years old does not matter. All that matters is that he’s fighting and we are going to watch.

Nobody smashed their way through the elite as dominantly and for as long as he did. Nobody. This is why we watch. It’s the anticipation of getting a glimpse of his magic again.

Fedor Emelianenko fights Matt Mitrione at Bellator on February 18.