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Real Quick Podcast Ep 9: ‘Felony Crazy Horse Kid Khaos’ Charles Bennett

The interview starts out innocent enough with ‘Felony’ Charles Bennett. Ok, not really. It starts out with Bennett smoking ‘something’ and talking about training and being ‘butt-ass naked’.

Bennett is fighting UFC veteran, Cody Pfister, this weekend in Amarillo, Texas. Bennett goes on to tell Swick and Marc Bogutzki that he’s been calling Cody every night to make sure he’s showing up because he has bills to pay. He touches on his Wanderlei Silva drama that is a feud spanning ten years.

He goes on to explain his crazy life, including a prison stint, to where he’s at right now. Then, things get… weird. REALLY WEIRD.

As described by our Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast YouTube:

“Felony” Charles Bennett joins the show to talk about needing to fight to pay his bills, how he trains, and then the podcast takes huge twist when he opens up about sending naked pictures to a man online and then hunts him down to retrieve them back. This is an episode that is surely not to be missed, and also one that we must give a stern warning about. This episode contains graphic language and content and the opinions expressed by our guest are that of his own. We just gave Charles a platform to tell his story and, well, be Charles Bennett. Hope you are entertained and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.”