Ferguson Wants Dana White To Make A Decision About Conor McGregor

Ferguson Wants Dana White To Make A Decision About Conor McGregor

Ferguson Wants Dana White To Make A Decision About Conor McGregor

UFC President Dana White is playing a dangerous game with his fighters by refusing to say if Conor McGregor, who hasn’t defended his belt or fought in the UFC for over a year, has been stripped of his lightweight title.

By refusing to elaborate on the McGregor situation, White is hedging because he is hoping McGregor will be back in the Octagon soon, which will alienate a lot of his fighters. White’s indecision will also affect betting odds for UFC 223 because Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who are scheduled to fight for the lightweight belt, don’t know if they are fighting for the real belt or not.

During an appearance on the MMA Hour, Ferguson said the situation bothers him a lot because he feels he is the champ but doesn’t know if the fight is for the real belt or not. Ferguson added that White is telling the fighters different things behind the scenes, and the media something else.

Ferguson also said he wants White to let him know for certain if he is the champ or not instead of waffling and refusing to make up his mind.

White’s refusal to say whether McGregor has been stripped of his belt or not is also affecting Ferguson’s ability to hype the fight because most fans will still consider McGregor the champion unless he is officially stripped of the belt, which makes Ferguson look bad.

If White had established that Ferguson was the interim champion, it would be a different scenario. But the fact that Ferguson was already named the lightweight champion makes it a confusing situation for everyone involved.

Ferguson is also upset because there was a contract drawn up between him and McGregor for the undisputed lightweight championship, but the fight never materialized because McGregor now wants more money than he made in the past to fight in the UFC.

Ever since McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match and reportedly made over $100 million for the fight, he hasn’t been eager to return to the Octagon. While Ferguson and the other UFC fighters are happy McGregor was able to bank that kind of cash, they are upset that he doesn’t seem interested in defending his belts, which has held up the division.

It is also understandable that after White lost one of his cash cows in Ronda Rousey, he will try to do whatever he can to make McGregor happy and willing to fight in the organization once again.

The downside to showing that type of favoritism is the fact that other fighters will feel insulted about the way they are being treated and might leave his organization when their contracts are up.

Despite White’s refusal to say if he will strip the belt from McGregor, Ferguson said he isn’t losing any sleep over it because he has won a record 10 consecutive fights in the division, most of which were very entertaining fights.

Ferguson is very eager to get into the Octagon against Khabib, which could be his 11th straight win in the division. If McGregor still refuses to fight him after that, Ferguson plans to continue dominating the division and do what is best for himself and his family for the future.