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RQMS Ep 25: UFC Fight Night 128 Recap & Aftermath. Plus, a LOT more.

Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki are back on the RQMS Podcast with episode 25. In this one, the guys recap and discuss the aftermath of the UFC Atlantic City card. A lot has transpired since episode 24 in their personal life, so they had many entertaining stories not related to MMA, as well.

They go over the card and venture elsewhere with epic stories and funny commentary. They touch on everything from the Atlantic City card, to Thai-arrhea, to Leslie Smith’s issues with the UFC, to Swick’s experience that helped him during his fight career.

Make sure you listen carefully, as Mike comes up with a new phrase. I don’t know what a ‘dick clown’ is, but Swick said it, so I’m on board.

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