Just 4 days from their fight, Pitbull Freire pulls out of Weichel fight

This one is going to sting for Bellator. They can’t afford for any of their young talent who carry an entire card, to pull out. Patricio Pitbull Freire just did exactly that. Even worse, he was set to defend his title in the main event against Daniel Weichel in Israel, in just four days from now. Realistically, this is a card that most people probably didn’t even know was happening in the first place. The loss of Pitbull really puts the entire card in jeopardy.

Maybe Conor McGregor can jump an Israeli cage and make every headline, forcing fans to watch the event.

Pitbull took to his Instagram and broke the news:

“I’m sad to announce I’ll no longer be fighting in Israel next week. Multiple injuries prevent me to perform. A couple months ago due to a training accident I suffered a serious injury and started treating it immediately. I had to stop training for a few weeks and then I was able to start with several limitations. But due to those, other parts of my body were overcharged and new injuries kept piling up.

I’ve been doing physical therapy three times a day. I was lent a 25k dollars machine to sleep with every day, and although I wasn’t in my best condition I had no intention to pull out. In all my years in Bellator, I only pulled out of a fight once due to a hand fracture.”