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Before their fight, Tai Tuivasa and JDS share a ‘Stepbrothers’ moment.

In the spirit of the greatest movie of all time, Stepbrothers, Junior Dos Santos and his opponent for Saturday night, Tai Tuivasa hammed it up in Australia. Before banging it out this Saturday in Adelaide, both JDS and Tuivasa hammed it up and embraced Australian culture.

“This is a lovely sport, MMA. One day you could be cuddle buddies, the next, be punching the c**t out of each other. Like I’ve said, JDS left a great impression on me yesterday by embracing my culture but we gotta go to work and Sunday is gonna be exactly that. This is gonna be a f****n banger so make sure you tune in, cause this might not last long.”

The cuddle between the guys is great and all but it’s JDS’ face that makes this one of the greatest MMA pics we’ve ever seen. JDS holding a joey while being spooned by Tuivasa is the Christmas greeting card we never knew we needed.


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