Invicta FC 24 Results and Recaps – Dudiveva vs. Borella

July 15, 2017 Kansas City

Event Card


Milana Dudieva
WinnerMara Romero Borella
Split Decision after 3 round(s).


Ashley Cummins
WinnerJinh Yu Frey
Unanimous Decision after 3 round(s).


Helena Kolesnyk
WinnerPam Sorenson
Submission (Armbar) at 3:12 in round number 1.


Bárbara Acioly
WinnerKarina Rodriguez
TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:14 in round number 1.


WinnerMiranda Maverick
Gabby Romero
Unanimous Decision after 3 round(s).


Kelly D'Angelo
WinnerSunna Davíðsdóttir
Unanimous Decision after 3 round(s).


Amy Coleman
WinnerFelicia Spencer
Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:37 in round number 1.


Invicta FC 24 Results and Recaps – Milana Dudiveva vs. Mara Romero Borella
July 15th, 2017
Kansas City, MO

Mara Borella (11-4) def. Milana Dudieva  (11-6) via Split Decision

Recap: the Main event starts with feeling out process. These are both quality experienced fighters.  Dudieva managed to catch Borella in a standing Guillotine but she wasn’t able to finish it.  Borella lands a late takedown, but I scored the round for Milana Dudieva. In the second round Milana Dudieva established the clinch and worked for a takedown, reversal by Borella, and Mara secures the takedown. Mara Borella is controlling the position and landing some stiff ground and pound.  Round is over, easy 10-9 for Mara Borella. Inside trip takedown by Borella. Dudieva temporarily tries to secure an armbar, and she nearly gets it, but Borella escapes and maintains top position. Mara Borella advances to mount, and after an escape by Dudieva, Borella locks on a triangle choke. The clock runs out, I scored it for Mara Borella, we’ll see if the judges agree.  Judges score it a split decision win for Mara Borella.

Jinh Yu Frey (6-2) def.  Ashley Cummins (5-4) via Unanimous Decision

Recap: Good first round, both ladies worked hard standing, and they both scored takedowns and executed solid scrambles. Ashley tried to utilize some submissions, but it never amounted to much. Fun round, hope for more in the second. Frey lands another takedown in the second round, and Cummins sets up a deep armbar. The arm is extended, but Frey fights out. Frey is super tough fighting out of that.  Cummins doesn’t give up and moments later attempts another deep armbar. She’s going to run out time as the second round ends. Good fight. After a brief standing exchange, Frey again scores the takedown. Frey turns to try and set something up, and Frey jumps around and takes Cummins’ back. Ashley works back to half guard. Time clock runs out with Frey in top position, we’ll see what the judges think.  Judges give the Unanimous Decision to Jinh Yu Frey.

Pam Sorenson (6-2)  def.  Helena Kolesnyk  (5-0) via Submission (Armbar) at 3:12 of Round 1

Recap: Sorenson takes Kolesnyk down early and lands a bunch of ground and pound while passing guard and positioning for submissions. She gets into position for an armbar and extends the arm. Helena Kolenyk fights it off for a few moments, but when Pam re-grips and extends, we see the tap.

Karina Rodriguez  (5-2) def.  Bárbara Acioly (4-1) by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:14 of Round 1

Recap: Karina Rodriguez drops Acioly with a big right hand, and pounces on her. Rodriguez unloads a series of punches and elbows, but the referee is content to let it continue. Acioly is able to work back into the guard, but she’s still taking damage from Rodriguez from the top. Continued ground and pound from Rodriguez and the referee has seen enough, this one is all over.  Heck of a debut for Karina Rodriguez!

Miranda Maverick  (3-0) def.  Gabby Romero (2-2) via Unanimous Decision

Recap: Round 1 was a case of Gabby Romero being more proficient on the ground than Miranda Maverick. They spent almost the entirety of the round on the ground, but Romero was able to catch her in an armbar late in the round. Miranda Maverick survived, but she’s outgunned on the ground. The second round was spent more or less standing up. Miranda Maverick did the lion share of the better work here and controlled the round. It’s even going into the third round. The grappled a bit again in round 3, and Romero again set up an armbar. Miranda fought the submissions off, but she may but it’s going to be a close decision. Judges score the fight Unanimously for Miranda Maverick.

Sunna Davidsdottir (3-0)  def.  Kelly D’Angelo (2-1) via Unanimous Decision

Recap: D’Angelo looks sharp standing early. Both fighters willing to trade, but Kelly landing more of the compelling shots. Davidsdottir landing some shots as well, but not as many. Davidsdottir goes for the takedown and gets it, but D’Angelo gets to her feet. Kelly D’Angelo lands more strikes in round two, and Davidsdottir shoots for the takedown and achieves it.  Sunna maintains top position midway through the second. Sunna Davidsdottir lands some elbows and punches, controlling the round.  I’ve got it one round each heading into the third round. Back and forth striking through four minutes of the last round. D’Angelo has the edge, Davidsdottir earns a late takedown. Close round, we’ll see what the judges say.  Judges score it by Unanimous Decision for Sunna Davidsdottir.

Felicia Spencer (3-0)  def.  Amy Coleman (2-2) via Sub (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:17 of Round 1

Recap: Good first fight on the card. Coleman came out and landed a takedown, but Felicia was quick to her feet. Felicia controlled the action from that point forward, clinching against the fence and gaining multiple takedowns. Eventually Spencer was able to work her way into position for a Rear Naked Choke, and earns the submisssion victory.