UFC Fight Night 107 Results and Play by Play – Jimi Manuwa vs. Corey Anderson

March 18, 2017 O2 Arena in London, England

Event Card

Light Heavyweight

Corey Anderson
WinnerJimi Manuwa
Knockout at 3:05 in round number 1.


Alan Jouban
WinnerGunnar Nelson
Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:46 in round number 2.


Brad Pickett
WinnerMarlon Vera
TKO (Head Kick) at 3:50 in round number 3.


WinnerArnold Allen
Makwan Amirkhani
Split Decision after 3 round(s).


Reza Madadi
WinnerJoe Duffy
Unanimous Decision after 3 round(s).

Light Heavyweight

Darren Stewart
WinnerFrancimar Barroso
Unanimous Decision after 3 round(s).


WinnerTimothy Johnson
Daniel Omielańczuk
Split Deicsion after 3 round(s).


Teemu Packalén
WinnerMarc Diakiese
Knockout at 0:30 in round number 1.


WinnerLeon Edwards
Vicente Luque
Unanimous Deicision


WinnerBrad Scott
Scott Askham
Split Decision after 3 round(s).


Lucie Pudilová
WinnerLina Länsberg
Unanimous Deicision after 3 round(s).



UFC Fight Night 107
March 18th, 2017
Jimi Manuwa vs. Corey Anderson
London, England

Lina Lansberg (7-2) def. Lucie Pudilva  (6-2) by Unanimous Decision

Lina making her second appearance in the UFC, after having been dismantled by Cristine “Cyborg” Santos at Fight Night 95. Lucie Pudilva making her promotional debut.  These two met before, and Lina scored a Unanimous Decision victory.  Lots of clinching in the first round, as the fighters spend majority against the fence. Lina lands nice knees, and elbows, and grinds enough to win the round.

The second round saw more clinch work and some success with kicks from Lansberg. Lucie had a moment where she landed a nice combo but was then taken down for the remainder of the round. I’ve got Lina Lansberg up two rounds to none at this point.

Pudilva lands a nice series of shots to open the third. Lansberg working hard for a takedown, but Lucie is doing a good job of staying on her feet. Lucie lands again and Lansberg is a bloody mess. Lansberg again working hard for the takedown, but it’s not coming. Pudilva controls the third round and Lansberg’s right eye is all kinds of ugly.  Lansberg did enough in the first two rounds to earn the victory on my card.

Lansberg wins 29-28 on all the scorecards and earns the Unanimous Decision victory.

Brad Scott (11-4) def. Scott Askham (14-4) via Split Decision

Fun first round, Brad Scott throwing a lot of big shots, and he drops Scott Askham with a right hand. Askham recovers and they continue on their feet the entirety of the round.  Brad Scott lands another impressive combination along the fence, and Askham is once again wobbled.  Good first round, Scott wins it on my card.

More of the same in the second round, but it seems as if Scott Askham’s lead leg is damaged from low kicks. They go back and forth, and Scott seemingly gets the better of the action. At the ten second horn, they engage and throw some wild shots, both men landing.  Askham got the better of this final clash, but I’ve got Scott up two rounds to none.

The third round was again spent standing and trading shots. Both men had success landing shots and the crowd was really very entertained with their efforts. Scott was able to find a home for his jab, and Askham landed a few crisp combinations.  I scored it for Brad Scott.

Judges score it for Scott via Split Decision in favor of Brad Scott.

 Marc Diakiese (12-0) def. Teemu Packalén (8-2) via KO at  0:30 seconds of Round 1

This one didn’t last long at all.  The fighters come out and Marc lands a right hand, and a front kick early. Teemu kind of rushes at Marc and counters with a straight right hand and it’s all over. Epic first round knockout.

Leon “Rocky” Edwards (13-3) def. Vicente Luque (11-6) via Unanimous Decision

This one should be a lot of fun. Leon lands a couple of kicks and a left hand early. Fighters enter the clinch along the fence.  Lots of scrambling for control and Luque gets the takedown. Not a whole punch offensively being done on the mat. Luque mostly working for position.

The second round opens and the fighters again find themselves in the clinch.  Edwards lands a huge body kick that echoes throughout the arena. Leon follows it up with a takedown. “Rocky” is really heavy on top and Luque is unable to do much on the bottom.

Good third round for Edwards, who pushes the pace and lands the bigger shots. He was able to take Luque down as well and landed some hellacious body kicks.  Luque lands some big shots at the end of the round, including some digging body shots, but it’s not enough in my opinion.  I’ve got Edwards winning the decision here.

Leon Edwards wins the fight 29-28 across the board and is awarded the Unanimous Decision.

Timothy Johnson (11-3) def. Daniel Omielańczuk (19-7) by Split Decision

Pretty slow first round, both fighters land low kicks and single shots. Daniel throws a nice right hand, low kick combination and both land effectively. Round ends and I scored it in favor of Daniel Omielanczuk.

Body kick from Daniel to open the second round. Johnson seems to be having trouble finding his timing and clinches with Daniel along the fence. Both men throw little knees, and short punches in the clinch, but nothing of note is landing.  Daniel Omielanczuk is cut under the left eye.  Timothy finds a takedown and lands some elbows and body shots from the top.  Johnson opens up a bit and wins the round.

Third and final round, both men are looking a bit short of oxygen.  Tim Johnson forces the action into the clinch against the fence to open the third.  Johnson holds onto the clinch and is controlling the action. Tim Johnson lands a nice combo and he backs Daniel Omielanczuk up. It’s a close round, could go either way.  It’s a close fight and could go either way.

Judges are all over the place, but Timothy Johnson wins a split decision in the end.

Francimar Barroso (19-5) def. Darren Stewart (7-1) by Unanimous Decision

This is a rematch after these two met previously and it resulted in a no-contest after a clash of heads. They wanted to run it back, and today they get the chance. The two come out and look to mix it up, great timing on the shot by Darren Stewart who scores the takedown. Stewart stands up and allows Barroso to get to his feet.  Stewart kicks Barroso low and he’s given time to recover. More back and forth, nothing much happening.

The second round is a more back and forth, but all in all, the action is lacking.

My FightPass went out at this point, and I can’t say I was overly disappointed.  It’s back just in time for a decision.

Francimar Barroso def. Darren Stewart by Unanimous Decision.

Joe Duffy (16-2) def. Reza Madadi (14-5) via Unanimous Decision

The fighters come out and Reza lifts and slams Duffy.  Duffy stays calm, and eventually sweeps Reza, moving into top position. Duffy working on positioning now, and he continues to control from the top. Reza is on his back, pressed against the fence and is being controlled here.  Reza begins to control the head and work for a submission. Duffy breaks free and postures up. He lands a HUGE elbow and Reza is split open on the forehead. Round 1 goes to Duffy.

Duffy is controlling the second round, throwing jabs and getting the best of the stand-up.  Joe Duffy is really starting to piece Reza up, who has a blood soaked face. The blood is getting into his eyes, and he continues to get picked up standing. Joe Duffy really found his pace in that round and dominated the stand-up.  He also utilized top-notch takedown defense. Duffy up two rounds on my card.

Third round opens and Duffy lands a nice combination. Reza throws a spinning back fist, but Duffy was already in another area code by then.  Reza is battling for a takedown, but the fighters end up clinched along the fence. Knees, and stomps by Duffy.  Duffy goes body, body, head and changes levels smoothly. Uppercut by Duffy, who is in his glory in there. If this is his last fight in the UFC, he’s going out in style. The round ends, and it was all Duffy.

Joe Duffy defeats Reza Madadi by Unanimous Decision.

Arnold Allen (12-1) def. vs. Makwan Amirkhani (13-2) via Split Decision

Good first round with both fighters throwing combinations.  Allen works from the clinch and controls Makwan delivering knees and short punches along the fence.  As the round winds down, the fighters open up and land big shots on each other. Arnold Allen seems to get the better of it. I gave Allen the first round.

Amirkhani lands the takedown to open the second round. Allen works and sweeps Makwan and works to improve his position.  The fighters get back up, and Makwan again scores the takedown. Armirkhani lands a few short elbows from the top position.  It was a very close round.

Third round opens and both fighters take the center of the Octagon. Allen begins to land some heavy shots, including a thudding lead left.  Makwan immediately shoots and gets deep on a single leg.  The fighters are against the fence and Makwan momentarily drags Allen to the mat. The fighters are again striking.  Lots of crazy scrambles and reverses from these two.  The fight ends with Allen trying to submit Makwan.

Arnold Allen wins a Split Decision over Makwan Amirkhani.

Brad Pickett (25-13)  vs. Marlon Vera (10-3)

This is the last walk for Brad Pickett and the fans are 100 percent in his corner.  Win or lose, he’s hanging up the gloves in his hometown after the fight. The fights come together, and Vera lands a couple of body kicks. Brad Pickett with the scoop and a big slam on Vera. Vera works back to his feet.  Big left hook by Pickett buckles Vera. Vera lands a nice right hand, knee combination. Pickett lands an overhand right at the bell. Good first round, I’ve got Pickett doing enough to win.

Vera lands a nice knee to start the second round. Pickett gets a takedown and has top control. Pickett lands some elbows from the top. Vera gets to his feet after landing a series of kicks from the bottom. The fighters exchange kicks and Vera lands a big kick. Picket backs Vera up with a series of shots. Round ends, I’ve got Pickett up two rounds to none.

Third round and the fans are going nuts for Pickett and he begins the last five minutes of his storied career. Vera lands a left hand a kick to the body. Pickett is loading up on shots, and he nearly lands a huge left hook. Picket lands a short left, but Vera is finding his range more in the third round. Pickett lands a stiff uppercut. Vera doing some damage with his kicks, and the pace has slowed in the third. Pickett lands a lead right hand. Vera lands a head kick that drops Pickett, he’s hurt very badly. Marlon lands a couple of follow up shots and the referee jumps in and halts the action. Vera plays spoiler in Pickett’s dream retirement scenario.

Marlon Vera def. Brad Pickett via TKO at 3:50 of Round 3

Gunnar Nelson (16-2) def. Alan Jouban (15-5) via Guillotine Choke at 0:46 of Round 2

First round action starts and Jouban utilizes some good low kicks, and a couple of jabs early on.  Jouban doing a good job keeping the fight vertical, and the low kicks are starting to show on Nelson. Gunnar Nelson gets the takedown and starts working to advance his position. Jouban doing all he can to keep Gunnar from advancing.  Jouban is mounted. Nelson lands a couple of elbows as the round ends.  Good first round, Gunnar wins it on my scorecard.

Second round starts and Jouban lands a series of kicks to the body and low controlling the standup. Jouban gets too close, and Gunnar takes him down, immediately applying a choke. The choke is deep, and Jouban is forced to tap out.

Gunner wins by Guillotine choke 46 seconds into Round 2.

Jimi Manuwa (17-2) def. Corey Anderson (9-3) via Knockout at 3:05 of Round 1.

Corey is doing a good job, moving in and out early and landing a few jabs and kicks. Corey keeping his distance and Manuwa not doing to much, just throwing an occasional jab.  Corey tries to move out of the way and Jimi lands a left to the temple, and Anderson is out!  Walkout Knockout by Jimi Manuwa, who shows incredible, “Rumble” like punching power. Amazing knockout.

Jimi Manuwa knocks out Corey Anderson in the first round.