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Well, I’ve never seen this before. Fighter falls unconscious without being touched.

I’ve heard of those fainting goats, and they’re adorable, but this, not so much.

So in this video, a fighter falls unconscious without so much as a touch. I’ll explain.  Michael McDaniel had an odd night at the office at an XFC event in Queensland, Austrailia.  Michael McDonald was battling against James Vake and in the first round, McDonald had Vake down and decided to let him up to continue the fight standing.  That’s when things took an interesting turn.

Vake stands up, and he and McDonald are ready to engage, and when….timber….McDonald locks up and falls to the canvas completely unconscious. It’s actually a scary scene momentarily, as it’s unclear what exactly took place. Was he suffering a major medical event?  Shot by a raving fan in the crowd? Controlled by aliens?  Or, did he just pass out?  If you guessed controlled by aliens, you’re wrong.  Seems he had an oxygen deprivation and passed out.

In a few moments, he was all better and the fight was originally considered a no-contest. However, I believe it was later changed in favor of a TKO victory for Vake. Check it out.