Fighters take to social media, acknowledging Ronda Rousey, after her recent loss

Fighters take to social media, acknowledging Ronda Rousey, after her recent loss

The internet loves to be a cruel unforgiving bitch. Ronda Rousey lost her return fight in just :48 seconds last night and all the MMA geniuses flexed their brain power online. “I told you so”. “See? She was never any good.” Other phrases of the like, popped up all over Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds. Even celebrities got in on the roasting, as if they are qualified to comment on such things.

The extremely unlikable Justin Bieber decide to trash Ronda after her loss. After Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz, Bieber called out Nate like he was the authority on combat sports. It could be because Justin Bieber hasn’t competed at anything in his life. Maybe it’s because he’s been beaten up in public more times than I’ve had girlfriends. It could be because he trained boxing once with his bff Floyd Mayweather, who all but laughed at how bad the Biebs was.

In fact, most MMA fans base their critiques on people’s personality, rather than one’s fighting ability. Ronda not doing media this week really seemed to irk everyone. When she did the Ultimate Fighter reality show a few years ago, her personality rubbed people the wrong way. Ronda has had her moments of, you know… being human. It is during those times that people make their criticism and decision of whether or not thy will like someone. A lot of people love her and a lot of people hate her. Same with you. Same with me.

It’s not like she’s a scumbag who breaks the law and is a genuinely bad person. She’s actually a trailblazer in women’s MMA and was a DOMINANT one. Gina Carano helped get WMMA noticed, but Ronda laid down the foundation. She was truly the first crossover star from MMA to the mainstream.

Granted, people are allowed to hate her for whatever reason they want. If not, we wouldn’t have Twitter accounts with fake profile pictures to argue nonsense with. After her loss last night, the venom began spewing again. Fighters seemed to have had enough of people bashing someone they consider to be a pioneer in the sport.

Former top pound for pound fighter turned super coach, Miguel Torres went on his Facebook earlier:

“No one on my team better make fun of Ronda Rousey, her loss, or talk shit about her career. Until you have walked a mile in her gi and shoeless feet, keep your petty judgments to yourself. As an avid pugilist and grappler who passes his experiences on to his students, losing is a part of life. We keep losing till we learn how to fight better, this process continues till we give up or quit.

Our team name is Arrebentação which means never give up. If I would have listened to all the haters to give up and quit I would not be teaching martial arts and would not have the impact on so many men, women, and children that I do. Surviving these losses and set backs makes me a more approachable mentor and coach to people because it makes me real. Appreciate the show and history created, the beautiful art displayed along with professional athleticism and valiant courage through the physical manifestation of the martial arts.

Please do not jump on the band wagon and kick someone when they are down. As a man who is always kicked, especially when he is down it feels way worse on the receiving end than you think time one million and all you have to do is press a button. Everything happens in our lives for a reason, what you chose to do with the outcome of your endeavors will chose where you will go in life.”

Another Pound for pound great, Jon Jones, went on Twitter to express his support of Ronda.

Women that have a job or have worked in the UFC because Rousey was there to start a 135 pound division, also showed their recognizing of her contribution to the sport.

The thing is… It’s bad enough that people give Rousey a hard time about losing, but no one is harder on Ronda than herself. It’s just nice to see positivity coming from her peers as we close out 2016. You can love her or hate her. Blame her or her coach Edmund. You can hate how she fights ad think she’s no good. However, you have to respect what she has done for the sport. I’m glad that her fellow fighters can at least recognize that.