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Tell you what… If you can figure out WTF is going on, you can name it.

I really tried to understand it. I wanted to figure out what exactly I was watching. I guess it can only be described as “Combat Chest and Balls Massage.” I’ve done this exercise before except it wasn’t an exercise and I felt a lot happier than these guys look.

Granted, the video on it’s own is pretty disturbing. Once you add the background voice and mood music, it’s a freakin’ disasterpiece.

“This moment in time has the qualities of this moment in time.”

Now, just rub your chest and nuts and something will happen. Maybe Bloody Mary will take a swipe at you from the mirror. You may become a chest circling, ball grabbing master. Who knows?

Whatever happens, I promise you will look super cool when doing it. Grab your baby oil and go outside to a busy street corner. People will love it, seriously.