‘The Filipino Assassin’ Phillipe Nover takes to the concrete jungle, where dreams are made of.

‘The Filipino Assassin’ Phillipe Nover takes to the concrete jungle, where dreams are made of.

The UFC official website put out an interview with the ‘Filipino Assassin’, Phillipe Nover. Nover will be fighting on the UFC Fight Pass prelims tomorrow night at UFC 208. Usually Nover finds himself a fan favorite in the Filipino community. Tomorrow night he’s a Filipino boy and the only New York native on the card.

“I know a lot of people are coming out to support me and there are just going to be smiles. I won’t be able to hold back the smiling before the fight. As soon as the bell rings, it’s straight business. I don’t love or hate my opponent at all. He wants the same thing as I want. But before the fight, when they announce my name and announce ‘Brooklyn, New York,’ it will be a big smile and an outpouring of emotions in my brain. Then it’s all strategy from there. I’m going to put a good performance on and everybody’s going to be proud.”

Nover gained national attention when he was on The Ultimate Fighter 8. He blasted his way through the tournament and found himself in the finals. Most notably, Nover was known for being likened to a young Georges Saint Pierre, by UFC President Dana White.

He’s never been shy about his full time job as a registered nurse, either. Phillipe has been fighting for 14 years and it’s been a balancing act between jobs. He has one where he saves lives and one where he tries to take them.

“I’m enjoying every minute of it,” he said. “I love training, I love saving people’s lives at work, and I’m going to keep pushing as far as I can and hopefully be an inspiration to a few people.”

Like all of us, Phillipe Nover has goals and dreams. One of which was fighting in the Philippines. He was brought back for his second stint in the UFC, this time at featherweight. He re-debuted in 2015 and his first fight back took place in Manila, where he earned a split decision victory. As if it wasn’t amazing enough winning in the place where his bloodline runs deep, now he’s fighting where he was born and raised.

“This is another dream come true,” he said. “To fight in Brooklyn is one of the biggest opportunities I’m accomplishing right now. I’ve been a professional fighter for almost 14 years and this is just unreal to me. Here I am, toward the later end of my career, and I’m finally able to take advantage of being a hometown fighter.”

Original interview done by Thomas Gerbasi for UFC.com