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“I’m the first, not the next, Style Bender.” Israel Adesanya

The Last Style Bender, Israel Adesanya, is a red-hot prospect in the UFC right now. In fact, he’s so hot, he’s been called ‘The next Jon Jones’ by many people. However, Adesanya doesn’t want to hear any of that noise.

“I just don’t like the comparison to anyone; even McGregor or anything. It’s just a mindset. I don’t want to be anyone’s second banana or in anyone’s shadow. Jon Jones only gets compared to me because he got on tv first. If I was the first one on tv then definitely it’d be like, Jon Jones is like Izzy. We’re two different people and our styles are different.”

Adesanya fights on the main card of tomorrow night’s UFC Fight Night from Glendale, Arizona.