Floyd Mayweather: “I’m the face of mixed martial arts.”

Floyd Mayweather: “I’m the face of mixed martial arts.”

Today is a day that ends in ‘y’ and that means there is more news to bring you in the ongoing Floyd Maywether versus Conor McGregor saga. And I can’t say that’s a bad thing. Every time they make headlines for going at one another, they are serving up absolute gems.

Yesterday Floyd was as ESPN headquarters to promote a January 14th WBC/IBF super middleweight unification bout between Badou Jack and James DeGale. While he was making his rounds from show to show doing interviews, the conversation often turned to McGregor.

Yesterday we reported on his conversation on ESPN First TakeLater in the day Floyd sat down with Brian Campbell for a Facebook Live interview. And Floyd kicked it off with a remark that’s sure to get a response from quite a few fighters:

“I am not just the face of boxing. I am the face of mixed martial arts also. I’m not an MMA fighter, but I do support all contact sports. I haven’t seen an MMA fight in a while, but any time I see an MMA fighter that wants to take a picture with me I’m going to take a picture with them because they go through a lot. Fighters go through a lot to get to a certain level and MMA fighters go through a lot bust like boxers go through a lot.”

I would imagine a number of fighters would take issue with Mayweather calling himself the “face of mixed martial arts.” From there Campbell segued quite naturally into Conor McGregor. Floyd had one stern statement in regards to “The Notorious” one:

“Does he want to fight? Absolutely not.”

He went to call Conor a quitter for tapping out to Nate Diaz, which led Floyd into saying something rather interesting. He contests than when he was connecting with Diaz via facetime, Nate told him that the UFC put him on the shelf. He’s been wanting a fight but the promotion simply won’t give him one.

But when turning the conversation back to McGregor, Floyd reminds us of one key thing:

“Conor McGregor is kinda stealing the Floyd Mayweather blueprint. As far as with the cars, with the jazzy dressing. Every fighter piggybacks off of the Mayweather name.”

The big question will be, if a fight were to ever manifest, would Conor McGregor find the blueprint for beating Floyd Mayweather?