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Floyd responds to if he feels McGregor calling him ‘boy’, is racist or not.

Floyd certainly feels that as a society, we haven’t quite done our due diligence to become better people. However, when it comes to Conor McGregor specifically, Floyd isn’t focused at all what comes out of his mouth.

“Racism still exists, but I try to turn something negative into a positive. There are two types of boys; A white boy and a cowboy and I’m not either. I’m just joking.

Like I said before, I’m not upset at all. Conor’s a tough competitor, I’m a tough competitor, and it’s about giving fans what they want to see. A lot of people say Conor McGregor is racist, but I don’t worry about that. It’s about going out there and doing my job.”

Translation: I don’t know or care if he’s racist. I’m getting PAID, suckers!

Video: TMZ Sports YouTube