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Forrest Griffin posts his ‘Leave of Absence’ letter, to take part in TUF 1

Forrest Griffin was a police officer in Georgia when he tried out for The Ultimate Fighter: Season 1. Griffin wrote the police department a letter in which he asked for time off to compete on the show. Obviously, his leave was granted and the rest became the beginning of modern day MMA.

Forrest and Stephan Bonnar ultimately became the co-winners of the competition. Griffin then moved on to become the UFC light heavyweight champion. His career culminated with him becoming a two-time UFC Hall of Famer. Now, Griffin works for the UFC and policing is nothing but a thing of the past.

“I assure you that I will conduct myself in a manner that will not embarrass you or this department.”

Apparently, Forrest didn’t have the foresight to know that living in the house would drive him and everyone else to go absolutely bonkers. Does anyone else miss Forrest doing his impression of a monkey? I know I do.