After E3 Fortnite Pro-Am, my kid is a Sean O’Malley fan.

You may have clicked on this article just because you don’t understand the title. Maybe you opened it because it said something about Sean O’Malley. Or, you could possibly be a gamer and need to read whatever you can about the game ‘Fortnite’.

Imagine my surprise when I’m sitting in my office last night and my kid yells up to me,

“Dad! Do you know who Sean O’Malley is?”

My son knows nothing of MMA, so I assume he’s going to tell me something about wanting to become a pothead or something about gaming. Luckily, it was about gaming.

O’Malley participated in Epic’s E3 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am, which is literally the dream of millions of people. Ultimately the pro winner was ‘Ninja’, who I hear about every day and how amazing he is. Ninja actually took O’Malley out in the second round of play.

O’Malley didn’t finish in the top 10, but he literally had the time of his life. Welcome to the Fortnite Sugar Show.