UFC Fight Night 104 Fox Sports 1 Prelim Results – Blaydes wins via gruesome knee injury

UFC Fight Night 104 Fox Sports 1 Prelim Results – Blaydes wins via gruesome knee injury

UFC Fight Night 104 Preliminary Results

The action switched from FightPass to Fox Sports 1 and we were treated to four exciting matches.  Tonight’s feature prelim featured Adam Milstead taking on Curtis Blaydes. Here are the preliminary fights played out.

Adam Milstead (8-1) vs. Curtis Blaydes (6-1)

Adam Milstead enters the fight on an eight fight winning streak. He won his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 88 over Chris de la Rocha via second round TKO.  Curtis Blaydes is 1-1 in the UFC defeating Cody East and losing to Francis Ngannou.  With the heavyweight division always in need of talent, this is a big fight for both fighters.

Round 1 opens with a huge takedown by Blaydes.  Milstead pops up and is thrown down hard.  He gets up again and dang…..he’s tossed again like a rag-doll.  Ridiculous power shown by Blaydes on those throws. Milstead looks to be hurt as he winces along the fence.  Blaydes holding Milstead’s back and is in total control, spinning Milstead to the mat for the sixth time. Milstead appears to have injured his right knee. Round one ends with Blaydes in total control.

Round 2 opens with Milstead noticeably limping and he’s clinched and taken down by Blaydes.  Blaydes takes him down and Milstead’s knee gives out, he cries out in pain and that stops the fight.  The replay shows the knee dislocated and the crowd responds with pained groans. Curtis Blaydes won by Submission (injury) in Round 2.

Chas Skelly (16-2) vs. Chris Gruetzemacher (13-1)

Two fighters with a combined 29-3 record entered the Octagon next. Gruetzemacher was a participant in Season 22 of The Ultimate Fighter. He won his Octagon debut at the TUF 22 finale. Chas Skelly enters the fight coming off of a submission victory over Maximo Blanco at Fight Night 94.

Skelly was able to utilize the clinch in the first round of the fight. Chas took Chris down and maintained position throughout the first round. Chas Skelly undoubtedly wins the first round of a fight that lacked excitement.

The fighters again hit the mat to begin the second round. Chas had the better position, but Chris Gruetzemacher landed some elbows from the bottom.  Chas Skelly exploded and locked on a Rear Naked Choke.  It didn’t take long for the choke to become tight, and Chris was forced to tap to end the fight. 

Impressive victory for Chas Skelly, and for Chris Gruetzemacher, the loss snaps a twelve fight winning streak.

Ricardo Lucas Ramos (9-1) vs. Michinori Tanaka (11-2)

Ricardo Lucas Ramos is only 21 years of age.  He enters the Octagon, after appearing on Dana White’s: Looking for a Fight show.  He’ll be facing a veteran in Michinori Tanaka.  He enters this fight with a 2-2 record in the UFC and needs a win here.

Round 1 opened with the two fighters feeling each other out. Ramos threw some wild spinning kicks, none of which landed. Ricardo Ramos with some nice knees to the body against the fence. He caught Tanaka coming in and dropped him with massive right hand. He unloaded with punches and elbows, hurting Tanaka.  Tanaka got to his feet, looking wobbly.  Ramos had a 35-3 strike advantage in the first round.

The second round saw the fighters clinch along the fence. Ramos was able to take Tanaka down with an inside trip. He immediately passed to mount and went looking for an armbar.  He was able to lock it on, and Tanaka defended well.  Tanaka escaped the armbar into Ramos’ guard. The two scrambled back to their feet with a minute left in the round.  The round ends, and Tanaka looks to be the fresher of the two fighters. Close round, could have been scored either way.

Not a lot of landing being done here in the third. They stopped the action to warn Tanaka for stalling and the fight resumed. Tanaka with a slick trip takedown with 3o seconds left in the round. Ramos attempted a choke, and it was tight. Tanaka got out of it and landed some big ground and pound to end the round. The judges scored it for Ricardo Ramos who won via Unanimous Decision.

Tecia Torres (7-1) vs. Bec Rawlings (7-5)

Tecia Torres and Bec Rawlings kicked off the Fox Sports 1 preliminary fights.  Torres enters the fight already a winner, having banked 20 percent of Rawlings purse, due to Bec missing weight the day before.  Both fighters are looking to rebound, entering this fight off of a loss.

The first round was pretty action packed, and the two fighters exchanged low kicks and a few jabs and straight shots.  Tecia had the edge in speed, and utilized kicks to her advantage.  The round played out with the two fighters standing the entire time.  Nothing of note landed and neither fighter found themselves in danger.

The second round saw Torres attempt a takedown.  Bec Rawlings reversed it and took Tecia down. Bec attempted to take Torres back and got one arm under the chin. Tecia was able to turn into her, getting back to her feet. After a scramble Torres took Bec Rawlings’ back. She sunk both hooks and started looking for the choke. Bec did a good job fighting hands.  Torres switched to an armbar as the round came to a close. Rawlings survived the submission.

The third and final round saw both fighters exchange on their feet.  Tecia again utilized her speed advantage landing a few combos.  Rawlings would land some good counters as well. Bec was taken down and managed to work for superior position.  Rawlings made her way to her feet and the two closed it out standing.  I scored it 30-27 for Tecia Torres.  The judges agreed, giving Tecia Torres the Unanimous Decision 30-27 across the board.

For Torres, it signifies a bounce back performance and she showed marked improvement.  For Rawlings, it was a tough loss, and now she has a losing record in the UFC.

Quick Results

Tecia Torres defeated Bec Rawlings by Unanimous Decision
Ricardo Ramos defeated Michinori Tanaka by Unanimous Decision
Chas Skelly defeated Chris Gruetzemacher by Rear Naked Choke at 2:01 of Round 2
Curtis Blaydes defeated Adam Milstead by Submission (injury) at :59 of Round 2