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This gal has the skills to pay the bills. John Wayne Parr doesn’t, however.

This Taekwondo gal has the skills to pay the bills. Olivia Marie Garcia is a woman who wears many hats. She was ‘Miss Teen California 2013’, a singer, an actress, a print model, and a world champion 2nd degree Tae Kwon Do champion. But what she is best known for is her water bottle trick.

She places a water bottle on the top of a heavy bag, then kicks the bag. The bottle goes flying into the air and while in orbit, she does a spinning back kick to the bottle. The timing is precise and her form is flawless.

After the video goes viral, kickboxing legend, John Wayne Parr, tries his hand at the stunt. What happens next can only be described as… well, ‘disappointing’.