Garbrandt to Dillashaw: “Little snake in the grass! McGregor was right about you”

Garbrandt to Dillashaw: “Little snake in the grass! McGregor was right about you”

All the variables surrounding Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw provide a stage for a combustible scene. It didn’t take long for their potential rivalry to heat up. Cody knows there will be constant challenges coming at him as a champion. Almost immediately after he beat Dominick Cruz, the question of ‘Who is next?’ began. Should Dominick Cruz get an immediate rematch? Does TJ Dillashaw get the next crack at the belt? Will Garbrandt move up in weight and fight Conor McGregor?

Those are all valid questions and they will answered in due time.

In today’s UFC, making some noise can get a contender their shot. As expected, everyone and their mother is calling out Cody. posted an article today, about TJ Dillashaw. TJ feels that Cody is trying to avoid  fighting him. When MMA Fighting tweeted out the article, Cody Garbrandt responded.

This goes back to the season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, which was coached by Urijah Faber and Conor McGregor. McGregor antagonized Faber and Cody. He took jabs at Faber, saying how TJ is a ‘snake in the grass’.  Garbrandt, not one to take guff from anyone, shoved McGregor. Then for some reason, David Teymur may or may not have told Cody Garbrandt that he wanted to make love to him.

I digress.

Garbrandt now shares the sentiment that Conor McGregor expressed on TUF. We shall see how everything plays out between TJ and Cody. Common sense points to Dillashaw fighting for the title. The drama and storyline alone, peaks people’s interest in that fight. The UFC can generate a huge pay day off of the TJ and Cody rivalry.

If there is 1 thing we learned about Cody from Dominick Cruz and his smack talk… Making Cody emotional does not affect his performance negatively. It makes him better.