Cody Garbrandt teasing a boxing future? Fun with social media

Cody Garbrandt teasing a boxing future? Fun with social media

Social Media can be funny. Cody Garbrandt used it to tease a potential boxing match

It seems like these days MMA fighters are finding more interest in the ring, than in the cage.  Anyone who has any modicum of fame is trying to hint at a boxing match or a high profile MMA vs. Boxing contest.  Most of it, maybe all of it is just chit chat, and this most likely falls into that category. We can add Cody Garbrandt to the mix of fantasy mma versus boxing fun.

Cody Garbrandt defeated Dominick Cruz to become the Bantamweight champion of the world at UFC 207.  Now, before he’s so much as defended it, he and Golden Boy Promotions had a funny little exchange about a 135 pound  unification bout. Golden Boy asked, “boxer vs. boxer”, and Cody Garbrandt responded, “Champ vs. Champ.” Check it out.

Cody has considerable boxing in his background.  Cody began boxing at age fifteen, trained by his uncle who was an alternate on the US Olympic team.  He enjoyed an amateur career and was impressively 11-1 as an amateur.  Garbrandt has enjoyed boxing his entire life, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him take a boxing match at some point in his career.

When you look at who the champions are in boxing at 135 pounds, a fight that could be fun is Garbrandt taking on Robert Easter Jr.  He’s 18-0, and the current IBF champion.  What can I say?  Just take my money now, and set it up.

Before you run to your laptop and start looking for hotel rooms and ticket options, remember, this is social media.  It’s just people talking.  It’s fun to think about though.