Gegard Mousasi to Chris Weidman: Dont Be Scared

Gegard Mousasi to Chris Weidman: Dont Be Scared

The Diaz Brothers find their way into the news, even when they haven’t done anything. Cro Cop told Wanderlei Silva not to be a ‘scared homie’. Gegard Mousasi tweets to Chris Weidman, #Don’tBeScared. What’s next? Fedor throws water bottles at Matt Mitrione and yells “209, what?”

Mousasi seems to be perturbed that former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman hasn’t put the pen to paper yet.

Gegard has made it no secret that he wants a title shot and he wants it soon. If he has to beat all the top guys to get there, so be it.

Mousasi is more than overdue for a crack at UFC gold. Gegard went 6-1 in his last 7 fights and won the last 4 in a row. Gegard is not injury prone and rarely pulls out of fights. Him not getting a title shot by now is a head scratcher. He is an exciting fighter with 34 finishes to his name, but he keeps getting fights that don’t seem to be for a contender slot.

If he has to call out guys in the top 5 of the middleweight division, so be it. It looks as if Weidman is on the docket and Gegard is ready to go. Hopefully all parties come to an agreement soon. This is a fight that fans want to see.