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Gegard Mousasi with the world’s angriest Facebook AMA *NSFW*

Most fighters do these and it’s fun for everyone, Gegard Mousasi, not so much.

Why anyone would want to antagonize Gegard Mousasi is beyond me. I mean, seriously, the guy is an emotionless killer. Oh, I get it, you’re an internet tough guy, hiding behind a keyboard, safe in mom’s basement. I heard Gegard did an AMA on Facebook, and I was like, I bet that was entertaining. I had no idea.

Mousasi is a clever guy, back in May, Evan Shoman posted a video where he described other Middleweights in 3 words or less. It was good stuff. You can see that here.

Give this a watch but please be aware, it’s not safe for work. Hell, it’s probably not safe for home either. If you’ve ever had the question, how would Gegard respond to trolls? Here’s your definitive answer. He’s a savage, just like in the cage. All I know is these guys talking trash would literally poop their pants if they ever came eye to eye with Mousasi.  So without further adieu, we present the angriest AMA of all time.