Is this real life? Man vs. Woman Gender Wars PPV to air in January

Is this real life? Man vs. Woman Gender Wars PPV to air in January

This is one of those ideas that should have died at conception. Gender Wars? Really?

Sometimes you hear something so outlandish you know someone has to be having a joke at your expense. When I heard former UFC competitor Brad Kohler was going to promote a man vs. a woman fight, in Russia, in an unsanctioned bout for a million dollars I immediately laughed. I mean, I can find a million holes in that story. Turns out it’s true. It’s true and it’s sad. There is actually a Gender Wars PPV coming. To add insult to injury, Travis Wuiff will be fighting Wes Sims on the undercard.

Let’s get some of the facts out of the way here. This fight will not take place in a ring, or a cage. It is being contested with the old “Backyard Rules.”  Imagine your drunk uncle fighting with your drunk cousin at the family barbeque and you’re on the right track. Check that, imagine your drunk uncle fighting your drunk aunt and you’re closer to the target.

At this point, the brain trust behind this opus is looking for the right competitors. So, there will be no tickets sold in person, the only way to see this is to buy it on PPV. Let’s say they aim high and charge 10.00 for this debacle. Are there really 100,000 people out there to purchase this to just break even on the prize money? Let alone the costs associated with production, advertising etc?. This has Titanic written all over it.

A man vs. a woman in a backyard fight, what could go wrong?