Georges St-Pierre doesn’t believe he’s going back to Middleweight

Georges St-Pierre told TSN he doesn’t think he’ll go back to Middleweight.

Georges St-Pierre made his way to Middleweight for his fight with Michael Bisping, but it was at a cost to his health. He recently spoke to The Sports Network and said he did it the hard way, and he doesn’t think he’ll go back to 185. Here’s what he said.

“We’ll talk about it but i am not sure if I compete I will go back to 185, I don’t think so. In terms of weight, if I wanted to go back to 185, eating like I did. I learned from my mistake. I don’t think it’s a good thing to do. Force myself to eat to gain muscle mass. I’ve always been agaisnt performance enhancing drugs so I did it the most natural way. There is no easy way, I did it the hard way. It was to gain weight and to maintain my muscle mass and it was very hard. It was not healthy. I think the body has a natural way, a weight where it can perform at it’s best athletic ability and the weight that I am now (lighter) is my perfect weight.”

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.  It’s looking like Luke Rockhold might benefit from GSP’s decision to move back to Welterweight. He could face Robert Whittaker in Perth, Austrailia at UFC 221.

People will say that GSP is giving up the belt and dropping to 185 to avoid Whittaker but that’s silly. GSP will not duck anyone and he’s simply not built for the Middleweight division, and potential fights with Woodley and Conor McGregor are available to him at the lower weight.