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Georgia Tech football players, round 2. Same dude gets ko’d again

As if he didn’t get it enough the first time, Lance Austin wanted another crack at his Georgia Tech teammate, Step Durham. Players surrounded the two in the locker room as they squared off again. As mentioned in our previous post,

“Standing southpaw, he unloaded a lead right hook that slept Austin. Clearly Austin has never been in a fight in his life, as he stepped up with his hands down and his chin up.”

This time, things would be different. Austing didn’t walk into the fight with his hands down and chin up. No, this time he was in a fight stance when Durham again stood southpaw and again… landed a lead right hook to knock Durham out.

Durham should probably just concentrate on being really fast and leave fighting to the professionals. I don’t know if there is a concussion protocol for getting your ass kicked twice a day in a locker room, but Georgia Tech may want to look into that.