Boxer Gervonta Davis hints that he might like to try MMA

Boxer Gervonta Davis hints that he might like to try MMA

Gervonta Davis is an undefeated boxer who will fight for WBA Featherweight title next month

Gervonta is peaking over the fence. Boxers seem to want to be mixed martial artists and mixed martial artists want to be boxers. It seems that they all believe the grass is greener on the other side. That said, if you’re an elite boxer, the grass is greener where you are. You earn more money, you don’t run the risk of being kicked in the head, or have an appendage torn from its socket. Stay in your lane, just do you fellas.

Add Gervonta Davis to the list of boxers who seemingly want to try their hand in the UFC. Davis (19-0 18 KOs) is at the top of his the food chain in professional boxing. He is scheduled to compete for the WBA Featherweight championship next month. Davis fought on the undercard of the #MayMac card and missed weight. He was stripped of his 130-pound title. It’s said his purse for that evening’s work was a healthy 600,000.00.

I’m not so sure he has the kind of name drawing power to command a big payday in the UFC. Transitioning from the ring to the Octagon would almost certainly come with a substantial discount in pay. That said, he took to Twitter and put it out there simply saying, “I think I want to fight in the UFC.”  One of the first to respond was Cub Swanson who simply replied, “Come on over.”