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DC is like Goldmember in Austin Powers. He loves Gooooooooold

Did you ever see Austin Powers: Goldmember? If you didn’t, he loved goooooold. What did he love about gold? “The look of it! The shmell of it! The tashte of it! The texture!”. Well, that is Daniel Cormier. This guy loves gold and seemingly, can’t get enough of it. He posted a pic to his Twitter today that shows just how much gold he is harboring in his house.

Spoiler alert, it’s a lot.

As we all know, this gold was not just given to him. He earned every bit of it. He’s won both the light heavyweight and heavyweight titles and is the only double champ to successfully defend both. I think that DC being braggadocious about his belts is ok. Just this once, though.

By the way, he didn’t even put in his Strikeforce belt in the pic and still has more bling than a mumble rapper in 2018.