Fight Night Japan: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Fight Night Japan: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Last night there was quite a bit of action in the land of the Rising Sun

The UFC presented Fight Night 117 last night live and free on FXX and by and large, it was an enjoyable night of fights. There was an amazing fight that displayed talent, heart, and toughness between the ladies on the card. There was a highly anticipated debut that didn’t disappoint and there was a return to the Octagon that most certainly did disappoint. Here we go with the good, the bad and the ugly from Fight Night 117.

The Good

Jessica Andrade & Claudia Gadelha: Man did these two bring the heat! In the first round, Claudia came out striking as sharp as she’s ever looked. She was fast, quick on her feet and had excellent movement. Andrade was a little outgunned but was continued firing back. Jessica got opened up on the forehead by an ugly elbow, but returned the favor, cutting Claudia with an elbow on the canvas.  Andrade utilized multiple slams and did so it seemed effortless. Her strength is unreal. Claudia faded in the later rounds and took a beating, but never broke and stayed in until the final bell. It was a huge win for Andrade and a great fight for all.

Gokhan Saki: Everyone wanted to see Saki debut and he didn’t disappoint. We posted a highlight video to get you ready last week. He looked tremendous early, his striking just sharp and perfect. He hurt and dropped da Silva early into the round, but da Silva was pretty game and continued doing what he could do. Towards the end of the round, da Silva hurt Saki with some knees and a short elbow, and Saki was gassing, badly. It looked like it was all going to unravel when bing….perfect left-right dropped da Silva for the first round TKO. It was some pretty glorious violence in there.

The Bad

Takanori Gomi:  Gomi has lost six of seven. I am not someone who is going to tell another grown adult when to retire. That decision is left to Gomi, his team, his family, and coaches. I will say this, it makes me sad to see Gomi fight now, and I don’t ever want to see it again. Nothing left to prove. The Fireball kid will always live in my memories in Pride.  I was there live when he fought Nick Diaz in Vegas, that’s the Gomi I choose to remember.

The Ugly

Yushin Okami:  It seems like Yushin was there to pick up a check and go on living his life. He immediately tried an awkward out of position shot on OSP, and when he didn’t get it, tried to basically pull half guard.  This is where things get dicey.  Okami has a wealth of experience, and I mean a bunch. The guy has 45 professional fights.  He’s also considered an excellent grappler. So someone explain to me why he made the very pedestrian mistake of grabbing OSP’s neck from the bottom, and basically putting himself in line to be Von Flue Choked?  It makes no sense whatsoever. Has he never seen film on OSP who now is responsible for 3 of the 5 Von Flue chokes ever in the Octagon?  Not to mention Okami had never been submitted. I think I heard Okami whisper “Check please” before he went limp. Bad form.