Gracie JJ Breakdown that’s really just a BJJ clinic. Bully beware.

Gracie JJ Breakdown that’s really just a BJJ clinic. Bully beware.

Any time you have someone with no BJJ experience and they take on someone who is trained in BJJ… The person who trains BJJ wins that fight 10/10 times. Such is the case in this video that Rener Gracie has posted to the Gracie Breakdown YouTube page. While it may look like another streetfight, it’s just a clinic that shows how someone knowledgeable in BJJ can put the wood to someone who is not trained in the arts.

As per the YouTube, the story goes like this:

“Xavier Pa-Jarvis has been a student at our CTC in Hawaii, Central Oahu BJJ, for 2 years. He’s 12 years old (7th grade) and was getting bullied by a 16-year-old (10th grade) for 2 weeks. His parents contacted the school administrators to get it to stop, but nothing changed.

On this day, the older kid approached Xavier at the bus stop with his shirt off and kicked him, so Xavier stood up for himself. Double leg takedown, mount to back mount, rear naked choke (opponent’s friends stepped in to force choke release), immediate Stage 1 punch protection from guard, Stage 4 kick-out and back to the feet. They threw a few more punches and then friends broke it up.

Moral of the story: Teach your child to avoid street fights at all costs, but if they are physically attacked, make sure they have the tools to defend themselves.”

Moral of the story: Jeans shorts are not a good look at any age for any generation.