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Take a look at Greg Hardy’s 17-second knockout on Contender Series

Greg Hardy was back on the Contender Series dropping bodies!

The Dana White Contender Series has sadly come to an end this summer, but it went out with a bang. All five fights tonight ended via stoppage and none saw the third round. In the main event, Greg Hardy came out firing en route to a 17-second knockout, dispatching 3-0 Tebaris Gordon. It was another violent stoppage from Hardy, who was a controversial addition to the series this summer.

We showed you his first KO on the Contender Series a while back, but if you want to refresh your memory, look at his 57-second KO, right here.

Greg has a past involving domestic violence and is currently on probation for cocaine possession. Dana White decided to give him a second (or third) chance and Hardy seems determined to make the most of it. That’s two KOs for Hardy in less than 90 seconds combined fight time. He’s a monster standing up, no doubt about it. He has amazing power to spare.

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