Tyson Griffin victorious in comeback fight. Let’s the emotion out, post-fight

Tyson Griffin victorious in comeback fight. Let’s the emotion out, post-fight

You may not have known this, but Tyson Griffin came out of retirement this past weekend. His retirement was a self-imposed four-year layoff. He was victorious in his return fight against former Bellator competitor, Jordan Bailey. The fight lasted all three rounds in the URCC promotion and ultimately, Griffin walked away with a unanimous decision win.

However, it was after the fight that would grab the headlines. Griffin has been battling demons and it seemed that his fight was the culmination of overcoming them. Bouts with depression can be more challenging than a five-round title fight and Tyson seems to have come out the winner there, too.

Emotion poured out of the former UFC star who had a lot to say after his victory. He credited supplements (mainly CBD oils) and therapy to his transformation into this happier person.

The sky is the limit for Griffin who is still only 34-years-old.

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I want to thank @urcc_usa & @neeksrivera for giving me the opportunity to compete in my backyard in front of my friends, family & gym members from @pfmma. . . I didn’t know it when I first got involved with mma many years ago, but being that I was 204lbs, working construction and gave up on my dream to wrestle in college because school was too challenging at the time I guess I would say I was depressed. Once I saw the opportunity to compete for a living I realized my childhood dream of being a professional athlete was possible and I went all in. 👊🏾 . . I trained with and learned from some of the best fighters in the world which led to a lot of soft tissue damage that needing healing. . . The nerve damage was the straw that broke the camels back and I’ve been using natural healing methods like Cannabis & CBD ever since to reduce pain, muscle spasms, inflammation not to mention helping combat the depression that comes along with nerve damage that nobody warned me about. . . Thank you @lacoronasf @theterphouse @efexoils for the healing medicine 🙏🏾💚 . . Thank you @onnit @gardenoflife for the continued support with natural supplements & organic foods💪🏾😁👍🏾 . . . Tag @danawhite and @ufc if you want to see me back in the big show? . . . #mma #urcc #urccusa #tlgmma #pfmma #richmondca #albanyca #mixedmartialarts #healthiswealth #healthandfitness #fitness #martialarts #badonkadonkisback #comeback #destiny #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cbd r#health #healthiswealth #marijuana #natural #naturesmedicine #mothernature #heal #depression #depressionawareness #growth

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