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Another gruesome leg break video for you sadistic heathens.

The break occurs at 5:21 of the video.

That’s right, we said it. It seems that the more sadistic a video is that we post, the more people want to see the gruesome nature of it. Look no further than this video from One Pride MMA. All of the limb breaking videos I’ve ever seen are cringeworthy and this one is no different.

In what really was a fantastic fight up until the leg break, both Adi Rominto Manurung (Blue) and Ferdin (Red) went at it. The 2 combatants were making their pro debuts and were almost mirror images of each other.

Then, somewhere in a slam takedown Ferdin’s leg broke. He kept fighting for a few seconds until he realized what happened. As soon as the ref saw it, he stopped the fight (and then probably threw up).