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GSP shows his submissive posture after being charged by alpha gorilla

Georges St Pierre, you are no Jane Goodall. What will it take for people to stop going into the wilderness to hang out with animals? I don’t know the answer, but GSP almost found out the hard way. On his Instagram, GSP recalled his encounter with an alpha gorilla and almost soiling his fancy pants while in a submissive position.

“This video was taken in Africa, seconds after an alpha gorilla charged me. I had to take a submissive posture and get out of his way. One of the most frightening and incredible experiences of my life. Even with all the fight training in the world, I wouldn’t have been a match for this one!”

You know how to not get destroyed by an alpha gorilla? YOU DON’T GO IN THE JUNGLE TO HANG OUT WITH BIG ASS APLHA GORILLAS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Stay in the cage, where it’s safe.