Melvin Guillard taken into custody for September 3 bar fight

Melvin Guillard taken into custody for September 3 bar fight

Just when it couldn’t get worse for Melvin Guillard, it did. He was wanted in connection with a bar brawl last week and today, it’s been reported that he has been taken into custody. Ironically, he was arrested while showing up to court for a domestic violence charge from back in April.

TMZ reported the news earlier today.

“Officials issued a warrant for his arrest — but didn’t have to look too hard for the guy … since he had a court date in CO on Sept. 10 for ANOTHER assault case.

Turns out, Guillard was arrested back in April for allegedly roughing up and strangling his girlfriend during a heated drunken argument.

According to the police report, the alleged victim told cops she had asked Guillard when he was finally going to leave his wife so they could be together … and that’s when he snapped. She claims Guillard choked her multiple times — and at one point, “she was scared he ‘might kill her.'”

When cops arrived, they noticed injuries to her face and neck and arrested Guillard on the spot for 2nd-degree assault, strangulation.

He was due to appear in court for that case on Sept. 10 — and when he showed up, he was taken into custody for the Sept. 3 bar attack.

Guillard was booked for 2nd and 3rd-degree assault for the bar fight. He was arraigned early Thursday morning. We’re told he’s still in custody.”

It looks like rough seas ahead for the Young Assassin. Hopefully, Melvin can get everything straight with the law because he has done a lot for the community and has proven to be a generally good person. However, at the moment, he’s making a lot of bad decisions.