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This guy does it all. Fighter sings his own walkout and delivers TKO.

I guess this is what you call a triple threat. He sings, he fights, and well, he eats.

How many times have we been subjected to boxers walking to the ring while either they or someone else raps incoherently into a mic that is completely distorted? The answer is plenty. Well,¬†Jae Hyuk Heo, a heavyweight choose to sing his own walkout, live, while walking out and the results were pretty damn good. That’s right, this fighter sings.

He was making his debut at Road FC 46 this past weekend against Jae Hoon Kim. He sang on the way to the cage, and people enjoyed it. Once he got into the cage, he unleashed some ferocious ground and pound, stopping his opponent in the first round. Quite a debut for Jae Hyuk Heo, to be sure.

The event took place in Seoul, South Korea, and the event provided some big finishes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These shows produce amazing results.