Celine Haga sees her Invicta 21 fight appeal denied by Missouri Commission

Celine Haga sees her Invicta 21 fight appeal denied by Missouri Commission

Celina Haga and Amy Montenegro had an interesting conclusion to their fight

At Invicta 21, one of the preliminary fights ended under very interesting circumstances. Celine Haga, who was losing on the cards, caught Amy Montenegro in a rear naked choke.  She was applying the submission as the final bell rang to signify the end of the fight.  Haga let go of the choke, but Montenegro didn’t move.  She appeared in fact to be unconscious.  Which came first, the submission or the bell?  The rules appear to state if an opponent is out when the bell rings, they lose the fight.

Long story short, they opted to go to the scorecards, where Amy Montenegro was awarded the judges decision.  She had basically won a fight, while out cold.  It was one of those things that doesn’t happen, so we weren’t prepared for it.  Take a look at the finish below.

As you might expect Celine Haga filed an appeal with the Sports Commission in Missouri.  Shannon Knapp had already taken care of her business wise. The amazing Knapp had already paid Haga both her show and win money for the apparent victory turned defeat.  Haga wanted the loss off of her record though.  She filed the appeal that apparently has been denied.  Here’s a tweet from Haga looking for some assistance from Big John McCarthy.

I’m not sure this story is over at this point.  There will be more said about this. It will be interesting to see what if anything else is available to Haga for options to get this reversed.