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Hahaha. Dana White gets rattled on May/Mac stage. Video Blog Ep 5

Dana White has been having too much fun on this May/Mac world tour. Although, he got rattled when things almost popped off between the May/Mac teams in Brooklyn. During the fracas you could hear a panicked Dana White.

“Alright. You guys calm down. Listen, if this thing blows-up up here… It’s gonna be f*****g bad man.

Holy f*****g shit. This was not fun tonight. This was not fun. I did not like that. F*****g this was not fun.”

Usually, during stare-downs Dana has a bit more control because entire teams and security guards aren’t there. It’s Dana’s security on the stage and they help handle business. When you get all these people on stage and half are fighters, things could turn bad really quickly. Thankfully, the tour is all over and Dana can get back to promoting MMA and not the May/Mac circus.