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You heard the Van Damme/Garbrandt story here first. Now, watch!

Cody Garbrandt was a guest on the Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast. He told an unbelievable story between himself and Jean Claude Van Damme and now the footage is available to watch.

In Cody’s own words on the show,

“He started throwing hands at me. Like, slapping at me. I thought, ‘What the hell?’ Then he f*****g kicked me with that hook kick right in the teeth. I was like, motherf****r, I was pissed, I was so mad.

I went black and was going to rip his head off. But, it’s Jean Claude; What am I supposed to do?”

Watching the video, there really is no lie in what Cody said. It happened just as he described. JCVD is lucky Cody didn’t kill him because he looked like he instantly snapped. I think the fact that Van Damme showed immediate remorse is what saved his life.

Luckily the two reconciled and they hung out later… With the boyyyyyyzzz.