A heated Michael Bisping is seen getting into Eddie Bravo’s face.

When Michael Bisping said he was going to get into movies, I doubt he meant home movies where he tells a fan to “____ off”. That is exactly what happened to the UFC Middleweight Champion when he got in the face of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu God, Eddie Bravo. Amateur mixed martial artist, Marcel Hampton had his phone on hand and captured the exchange. He put it up on his Facebook page for the world to see.

The video came out shortly after a photo surfaced in what looked like someone getting in Eddie Bravo’s face. That someone turned out to be UFC Champ, Michael Bisping.

It isn’t quite clear what got the argument to this point, but for the record; Everyone involved in this had a beer in their hands.

You can judge for yourself what is said, during the exchange.