Dan Henderson at pro wrestling event, joins the show

Dan Henderson at pro wrestling event, joins the show

Apparently, Dan Henderson is really enjoying his retirement from MMA. He’s doing lots of things like farming, being really tan, and most recently, taking in a pro wrestling show.

In a video posted by an actor named Josh Turner, who describes himself as a ‘Walking Dead star’, Turner looks like he’s also a pro wrestler. Turner shows his range as both an actor and pro wrestler.

He starts off wrestling in what looks like an over-the-top-rope battle royal. Turner then uses his strong sexism by telling a female wrestler to make him a sandwich. She doesn’t appreciate that so she slaps the beard off of his face.

This is when Turner says he’s with Hendo, hoping to be protected. However, Dan Henderson doesn’t like bullies. Dan steps up to Turner who then begs for his life. All the while, Dan has that goofy Hendo smile on his face.

For the record, Dan never murders Josh Turner.