Henry Cejudo open to running it back with DJ already

Henry Cejudo open to running it back with DJ already

If you really pay attention to what is going on in this video, yes, that’s Henry Cejudo walking his new title belt in a stroller. Strollers are for babies and the flyweight belt happens to be Cejudo’s newborn. Despite the new addition to the Cejudo family, he’s open to running it back and giving Demetrious Johnson the opportunity of reclaiming it.

Cejudo has been on cloud 9 since his victory over DJ and rightfully so. Who can really blame the guy when he’s beaten arguably the greatest fighter who has ever lived?

Cejudo doesn’t look like he wants to be one of those guys who holds a belt hostage. In fact, he’s ready to defend it. When asked if he’d give DJ a rematch, Cejudo says,

“Let’s make it happen, baby. Whatever, whenever. I’m ready to throw down now.”

This is good news for Johnson, who more than deserves an immediate rematch just based on his history as flyweight champion. Although, Johnson seems to have sustained some injuries that could keep him out for an extended amount of time. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out but this is the fight that MMA fans are already calling for.