Evander Holyfield offers to fight Conor McGregor

Evander Holyfield offers to fight Conor McGregor

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Retired boxer Evander Holyfield took to his Instagram account to offer his services against Conor McGregor if Floyd Mayweather is unwilling to step into the ring.

At 54 years of age, and standing at 6’3″ with a current weight that we assume is still over 200lbs, considering he was a 5-time world heavyweight champion, it’s all but certain this fight has a zero percent chance of materializing. But we would be remiss if we did not report on it.

After all, with the career that Holyfield has had, he deserves the love. Having won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympic games, and the most prestigious title in all of sports on 5 separate occasions, “The Real Deal” will go down as one of the best boxers of all time.

His 44-10 record is a bit misleading as he fought a little bit longer than he should have. But within those 44 victories he has wins over George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer, Michael Moorer, and he twice defeated Mike Tyson. We also can’t forget how great “Evander Holyfield’s ‘Real Deal’ Boxing” was for the Sega Genesis (I once used a $2 bill to rent it from a local video store).

While he was very forthcoming in his post that he would gladly accept the $25 million that was offered to Floyd, something tells me if they really wanted Evander in the mix they might offer a tad less.

It’s all but guaranteed that this fight would never happen, but you can’t knock Evander’s hustle.