Ian McCall makes his long overdue return to the UFC

Ian McCall makes his long overdue return to the UFC

Ian Mccall hasn’t fought for almost 2 years. It hasn’t been for lack of trying though. The saying “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” was written for Ian McCall.

McCall’s Wikipedia page is almost comical to read.

“McCall was expected to face…” is posted 8 different times.

2015-2016 was an utter disaster for McCall. He had 4 fights scrapped and all were within a month of his scheduled fights. His last 3 fights that were cancelled were 2 days, 3 days, and 1 day, respectively. It wouldn’t even be a believable story-line in a movie. This has been Ian McCall’s life.

Saying his return is long overdue is an understatement. A year ago, his return was long overdue. Ian McCall and Neil Seery were scheduled to fight in Ireland on November 19 before McCall was pulled from the card a day before, because of illness.

Ian McCall vs Neil Seery has just been confirmed and rescheduled for UFC 208 in February. Previous to the scheduled November fight, Neil Seery claimed that it would be his last professional fight. One can only assume the UFC 208 fight with McCall will be his last.

McCall will no doubt do his damnedest to show up in shape and ready to fight. He is the consummate pro and always shows up to scrap on fight night. His absence from the cage and inconsistent fight schedule has made him get looked over by many MMA media outlets. Make no mistake though, McCall is one of the best flyweights on Earth. He has shared the Octagon with pound for pound king Demetrious Johnson on 2 separate occasions, taking him to a draw and a unanimous decision loss.

Despite his continued career hiccups McCall remains a fan favorite. Everyone loves fighters who leave it all in the cage. It’s getting to the cage that has been the problem. Once inside it though, he’s a savage and fans don’t forget that. Now that there’s a date set, everyone can get excited to see Uncle Creepy do what he does best again.